Jenn Bauer


Why I exercise
I exercise to feel empowered, to connect to my physical body, and to remind myself of everything my body can do.

Why I love to teach
I love the energy I get from watching a group of individuals step into their own strength and ability with power and purpose.

My commitment to you
You will leave my classes shining brighter. You'll work hard, dig deep, and reconnect to yourself through mindful movement. I want you to feel that empowerment that I know is possible, to truly appreciate and accept where you are, and work to grow better and brighter.

My go-to song
I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston

My go to workout
A little bit of everything -- a quick cardio hit, some deep core conditioning, and a powerful yoga flow to open it all up.

RYT 200
PYP Air Flow
PHI Pilates Mat 1
PHI Pilates Reformer 1