Fitness, Cycle, Barre

Why I love to teach
I've been teaching for 4 years and one of the most lasting comments I have ever gotten from a patron was that she said she always feels stronger after she takes my classes. I love showing people how strong they can truly be. Strength is a powerful tool when you can connect your body with it both physically and mentally. Whether I'm making people try a new move they've never done, giving them a weight that is 5 pounds heavier than they normally use, or simply giving them some motivational words it is incredible to watch people find the strength to push themselves out of their comfort zone time and time again.

My commitment to you
Everytime you walk out of one of my classes you will feel better than when you walked in. Whether physically, mentally, or emotionally my goal is always to provide you with the space to make yourself a better you.

My go to song
Too many to name! If I had to choose one that ALWAYS gets me on my feet, it's Shut up and Dance with Me by Walk the Moon!

My go to workout
Any sort of dance fitness workout! You'll always see me bust out my dance moves when a good song comes on! If it's the summer, my go to workout is always a nice outdoor run!

ACE Group Exercise Certification
BARRE Intensity Certification
Schwinn Cycling Certification