Nina Petrillo


Why I Exercise-
My body is my vessel. It carries me through this beautiful life and I move so that I can experience the small moments— the stillness, the breath, the earth as she is. Movement brings me peace, a calmness to my mind. I move because I love my body, and that is something I hope to inspire in others.

Why I love to teach-
Teaching is connecting, and connecting is healing. I teach to bring us all together. To lift and inspire. Teaching lights me up, and my favorite part is that what gives me purpose is what can help others. It’s the most incredible feeling in the world.

My commitment to you-
Authenticity. I promise I’ll show up as my full, truest self so that together, we can be embrace all that we are. Together, we will embark on a journey— welcoming vulnerability, fueling transformation, but most importantly, experiencing joy. I promise you a challenge, a moment for YOU and a big smile.

My go to song-
Notion by Tash Sultana

My go to workout-
Yoga anywhere, anytime, any kind. I also love a walk outside, killer hike and a bit of HIIT for fun!

200Hr YTT Zuna Yoga Bali