Taylor O'Connor


Why I exercise
I believe so much is learned about the self through movement! I feel empowered, capable, and joyful when I exercise.

Why I love to teach
Teaching reminds me that I am a part of a community, and that there is so much give-and-take that happens within a group! I am so grateful to take my turn leading, in the hopes that I am supporting and encouraging others.

My commitment to you
I promise to be present, to share a moment with you, and to meet you where you are. My personal philosophy as a yoga instructor arrives as a mantra of healing, acceptance, and community. I take up my responsibility to share the practice of yoga in such a manner that students feel safe, comfortable, and able to meet challenge with curiosity.

My go to song
Miss Atomic Bomb- The Killers

My go to workout
A Vinyasa yoga class! Fast or slow, fiery or flowy… lots of breath work, and a good Savasana at the end.