How do you know if you are truly making physical changes?  Track the metrics that matter most with a single scan in this 3D body scanning technologically and advanced fitness assessment. Take the guessing out of fitness and see live results and the impact of the classes that you are taking through FIT3D at PYP. Stepping on the scale to check your weight can feel discouraging and inconsistent, furthermore, an imprecise measure of your overall health. The number on the scale alone does not allow for a comprehensive measurement of your total body health.
Fit3D exceeds our expectation of a “scale,” as it provides a heel to head measurement within the body; from postural assessment to weight distribution, this tool allows you to accurately view your lean body mass vs. fat body mass, your body model, metrics and so much more all in three dimensions. Fit3D’s technology analytics provide a combination of the surface measurements of your waist, chest, and arms producing a 3D model that you can visualize through rotation, panning, and zooming from over 600 infrared images.
PYP’s new connection with Fit3D will improve, ignite, and individualize your personal training, exercise, and overall health goals. Combined with the analytics of the Fit3D software, a functional assessment screen and a personalized fitness program, our improved influence within, PYP STUDIO, a Functional Movement Facility, is limitless.
Continue to learn more as we bring to you Fit3D and our improved Personal Training model, philosophy, and coaches.

Consistency, accountability, motivation and progression are essential to the success of our Functional Movement Model at PYP. Our intention for all of you is to be your best, fit healthy self and of course to assist you in meeting your goals in a safe, empowering and effective way.  Choose one of our 3 tiered models and get started in tracking progress toward your best version of you ever!

1.  Fit3D FitrX @ PYP $150 


This model includes two 3D body scans, trainer consult, and Fitness Rx.  Our experienced and knowledgeable trainers will develop a training model for you over a six week period.  The trainer consult will include an overview of your scan and what it all means, goal setting, our very own class Rx recommendations based on your goals and interests as well your posture analysis. Finally, we are GIFTING you a base nutrition program written by our in house Nutritionist, Heather Dubin.

2. Fit3D @ PYP Body Scan plus Trainer Consult $75

(Recommended over base package to understand the nuances of the metrics).

3. Fit3D @ PYP Body Scan $50

This is our base package, simply offering you the opportunity to scan.

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