Aimee Bayer


Why I exercise
I enjoy exercising because it stimulates not only my body but also my mind. Moving through my workout opens my senses and helps center my focus. When I’ve finished my workout I feel ready to tackle whatever comes at me.

Why I love to teach
Teaching yoga gives me a sense of accomplishment. Knowing I’ve been able to help people move through their journeys and reach goals and feel a sense of empowerment in themselves makes it worthwhile.

My commitment to you
My goal is to provide a safe space for everyone to honor their bodies. I will strive to make my classes challenging, accessible and fun.

My go to song
I love many genres of music, but I tend to lean towards the 70s and 80s when I’m looking for inspiration.

My go to workout
Yoga and outdoor activities are my favorite. I enjoy hiking, biking and paddle boarding.

200hr RYT
Accessible Yoga Training