Erin is a passionate fitness professional who has been improving the health and well being of others since 2006. She pursued a degree at Penn State University, earning her B.S. in Kinesiology. As a full-time personal trainer, Erin moved to D.C. to practice her passion and share her enthusiasm for fitness. While there, she trained clients, who ranged from hearing-impaired individuals, post-partum, weight loss and weight gain. Erin also taught specialty classes such as cycling, boot camp, foam rolling, and kid’s fitness.While connecting the dots, Erin learned quickly that this is an ever-changing industry, and she always continues to grow by collaborating with colleagues and attending health & fitness conferences. In 2011, Erin earned her M.S. from George Washington University in Exercise Science.As Erin continues this journey, Erin stays busy as the Assistant Director of Health Promotion & Wellness at the Student Health Center at Penn State University by day and a trainer/instructor by early morning and night.Erin places a high value on application beyond the classroom. Exercises performed in class should be relevant to your everyday movements. Erin emphasizes a strong core and postural muscles; for a society who sits most of the time, core activation is key during sessions. As a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor; Erin delivers safe & effective programs each & every time.Erin specializes in programming goal-oriented results, for groups or individuals, for novice or the experienced exerciser. Erin hopes to inspire and motivate all individuals to reach a higher level of fitness through progressive training and improve overall quality of life. Erin brings a plethora of knowledge to PYP. She will truly challenge you to Power your Possibilities.