Jenny Eaton


Why I exercise
I exercise because I love to move. I like to move my body, feel empowered, and challenge myself. It makes me feel good to feel strong. I like to feel balanced and centered. I also really enjoy being outside and running and hiking with friends, and like to, at times, be with my own mind in the open space feeling alive with burning muscles and connected breath.

Why I love to teach
The more I teach, the more I am inspired to teach. I like teaching because I love learning. I love helping others, working with others and moving them along on their journey of movement. The energy and the excitement created by teaching others and the way someone feels when they are reaching their personal goals and when they are healthy makes me feel the same way I do when I exercise. They feel strong and it makes me feel strong.

My commitment to you
Come to my class and I will give you the opportunity to work hard! I will support and encourage you through movement and strength building. You will be guided to a stronger, more sound self. Know that you will always be encouraged to work to your own personal best. You will work hard and it will feel good. There will be connected mental and physical movements. Within each class format, you will experience a new challenge each timeā€¦ innovating combinations that stem from the core and incorporate balance and a full body feel.

My go o to song
Turn Down For What by Lil' Jon

My go to workout
High intensity lifting session.

M.S. in Exercise Science and Health Promotion, Fitness and Wellness
B.S. in Health and Physical Education, K-12
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Spinning Instructor
TRX Team Training Camp Certified Coach, Level 3 Specialist in Speed and Explosion for Sports Competition