Jill Garrigan


Why I exercise
When I exercise I feel most alive.There is nothing like the satisfaction of asking your body to do more than you thought it could do, whether it's one more rep or one more minute. I am always surprised. It's the best feeling ever.

Why I love to teach
I love teaching because the shared energy of a group fitness class is unmatched.I've been addicted to the group setting since I first tried it in 1982. Some days I cant believe I get PAID to do this.

My commitment to you
When you come to my class you will feel included, capable, and strong. As a group we will celebrate successes and we will work through challenges. We use collective energy to help one another on bad days and to share energy on our good days. I hope you always leave my class feeling better than when you came in. As a group we are always stronger than the sum of our parts.

My go to song
I Was Here by Beyonce

My go to workout
The back row of a sweaty cycling class is my happy place.

ACE certified group fitness
Schwinn Cycling Certification
Barre Intensity and Balanced Barre Certified
Yoga Fit
Water in Motion
Zumba Basics 1, 2
Pilates Matwork and Steel Pilates Certified