Kenzie Obrochta


Why I exercise
I teach because... I love how yoga makes you feel in your body during and after class. Yoga is so good for the body no matter your age or skill level and I love that it has something for everyone. I found that after years of being an athlete I was always sore but loved working out; I needed to find something else to do. When I found Yoga I realized that not only was my body in better shape, but I felt better over all, in the mind and body.

Why I love to teach
I just love bringing that feeling to others. Also, I love teaching because of the relationships you make. I believe yoga is a community and teaching it is so special because you can impact someone's life in more ways than you even realize you are. The best feeling is having clients after a few classes say something like "wow, my hips have never felt so good" or ask how they can improve a posture or ask for an adjustment for a certain posture. I love when I can bring my passion for yoga to my students. Lastly, I love that no matter where you are in your yoga journey there is always something to learn, on one can have it all perfect.

My commitment to you
The power that relaxation has on your mind and body. We as humans feel the need to go go go so much and the only type of workout we feel that does anything effiative is driving it into the ground day in and day out. I commit to my students that they will feel empowered, restored, and that they have done something positive for their bodies after class without extreme intensity.

My go to song
Landslide- Fleetwood Mac

My go to workout
Power yoga! But I am always looking for new and exciting workouts to try.

Ellavate Yin Yoga Fundamentals