Matt Limoges


Why I exercise
I love to exercise, but I live to move. Movement has the power to manifest physical transformation, evoke emotion, and the power to heal. Movement can change lives. Movement is universal. Movement is free.

Why I love to teach
I love to teach because I love to inspire. Inspire others to break walls and build bridges. Inspire others to dare to be different and achieve more. Inspire others to become the best version of themselves and become Legend.

My commitment to you
You will be challenged in ways never thought possible with regular practice in Steel Mace Flow. You will discover your limits and you will grow. This is my commitment to you.

My go to workout
There are only a few things more enjoyable in my life than to grab my mace, get outdoors, barefoot on the grass while being sun-kissed, and swing mace while listening to the soothing sounds of nature. When I want to let loose, I love to blast music and get my mace jam on in freestyle flow. Calm and zen, or full on beast mode, it does not matter as long as I get to move with my mace and find that space where discipline meets surrender.

My go to song
Get Up Now by CloZee

Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences, Clinical Exercise Science
Master’s degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences, Exercise Physiology
American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Physiologist
Steel Mace Flow Coach
National Personal Training Institute Personal Trainer