Sara Kron


Why I exercise
Some form of daily movement helps me feel my best mentally and physically. I love to exercise because I get to! And I want to lead a life every day that sets me up to feel and be well for as long as I can.

Why I love teach
My experiences as a student have been so positive and transformative. To me, teaching is an opportunity to share the things that are valuable and exciting to me with others, and I hope that helps other people experience similar fun and novel ways to connect and show up for themselves

My commitment to you
I will do my best each class to create a space that is there for you to meet yourself where you are and explore without judgment. I will use my training to guide you in functional ways that challenge and enhance strength, balance, and mobility.

My go to song
Speed Drive by Charli XCX in general, anything ODESZA for yoga

My go to workout
Power Yoga! and open water swimming in the summer

RYT 200