Tanya Campbell


Why I exercise
Exercising is a lifestyle for me. It has helped me fight depression, anxiety, autoimmune disease, weight gain, and boredom.
Plus, with all the benefit boosts of feel-good endorphins, I could not live without. Exercise is FUN and SOCIAL, plus I get more time outside in nature which also has healing properties of its own.

Why I love to teach
I love to see others reach goals, progress, and reach their potential.
Even more so, I love it when someone has been defeated and comes back even stronger. I feed off that kind of energy.
The lessons learned in overcoming obstacles through fitness are tremendous. It’s my privilege to be part of your journey.

My commitment to you:
My classes are designed to build strength, create connection in the cycling community, and inspire mindfulness. My goal is to help each individual realize that they are always capable of more than they think they are.

My go-to song
In the cycling studio, I have so many.
Staring at the Sun
TV on the radio