Pose of the Month Prasarita Padottanasana

By September 30, 2015 No Comments

Set your feet firmly into the ground as if to create deep footprints in the floor.  Let this grounding action reverse in an upward chain through the meridians in your body to help to straighten your legs as well as lengthen your spine. Gently squeeze the muscles in your legs toward the bones so that your lower body feels supported.

Adjust your legs so that the base of the pose seems to be even and balanced. Work to feel the steadiness and support of the total foot, making sure that you are not rolling in to the arches or away from the midline find a centeredness through the foot. Bring the stability from the floor print of the foot all the way to the hub of the pelvis.

Nestle your hands firmly into your hips as you maintain the biomechanics previously established.  Fold strongly from your hips by engaging core body thereby protecting the integrity of the spine. Finally, surrender into the fold.  Allow all of your inner bits and pieces to drain like a waterfall into your strong and steady legs. Out of gravity levity is generated, feeling the opposing chains, the release and power of the head below the heart and the grounding, rooted affect of the feet to the floor. Sumptuous, indeed!

(Variation:Seated wide angle Forward Fold-Upavista Konasana)