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How do you know if you are truly making physical changes?  Track the metrics that matter most with a single scan in this 3D body scanning technologically and advanced fitness assessment. Take the guessing out of fitness and see live results and the impact of the classes that you are taking through FIT3D at PYP. Stepping on the scale to check your weight can feel discouraging and inconsistent, furthermore, an imprecise measure of your overall health. The number on the scale alone does not allow for a comprehensive measurement of your total body health.
Fit3D exceeds our expectation of a “scale,” as it provides a heel to head measurement within the body; from postural assessment to weight distribution, this tool allows you to accurately view your lean body mass vs. fat body mass, your body model, metrics and so much more all in three dimensions. Fit3D’s technology analytics provide a combination of the surface measurements of your waist, chest, and arms producing a 3D model that you can visualize through rotation, panning, and zooming from over 600 infrared images.
PYP’s new connection with Fit3D will improve, ignite, and individualize your personal training, exercise, and overall health goals. Combined with the analytics of the Fit3D software, a functional assessment screen and a personalized fitness program, our improved influence within, PYP STUDIO, a Functional Movement Facility, is limitless.
Continue to learn more as we bring to you Fit3D and our improved Personal Training model, philosophy, and coaches.

Consistency, accountability, motivation and progression are essential to the success of our Functional Movement Model at PYP. Our intention for all of you is to be your best, fit healthy self and of course to assist you in meeting your goals in a safe, empowering and effective way.  Choose one of our 3 tiered models and get started in tracking progress toward your best version of you ever!

1.  Fit3D FitrX @ PYP $150 


This model includes two 3D body scans, trainer consult, and Fitness Rx.  Our experienced and knowledgeable trainers will develop a training model for you over a six week period.  The trainer consult will include an overview of your scan and what it all means, goal setting, our very own class Rx recommendations based on your goals and interests as well your posture analysis. Finally, we are GIFTING you a base nutrition program written by our in house Nutritionist, Heather Dubin.

2. Fit3D @ PYP Body Scan plus Trainer Consult $75

(Recommended over base package to understand the nuances of the metrics).

3. Fit3D @ PYP Body Scan $50

This is our base package, simply offering you the opportunity to scan.


     PYP Patriotic Pedalthon!!!
Sunday, November 20, 2016
To participate in this exciting event:
  • Gather your team of 4
  • Raise a minimum of $250 with all proceeds benefitting Special Operations Warrior Foundation
  • E-mail Janet at to register your team!
Additional Information:
  • 18 team spots available
  • Flight Times at 8:30 / 9:30 / 10:30
  • All spots are on a first come, first served basis
  • All Participants receive this years Pedalthon T-shirt
Special Prizes for

Entertainment provided by your PYP Instructors andNittany Entertainment DJ’s
Post Workout Yummies provided by Gigi’s Southern Table
Coffee Provided by Rothrock Coffee
Over the past two years, the PYP community has raised over $18,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation!!!
THANK YOU for all you do!
And a special thanks to…
Amanda J Designs
Rothrock Coffee
Gigi’s Restaurant
Nittany Entertainment
Honor Brewing Company
Blue White TV
The Special Operations Warrior Foundation ensures full financial assistance for a post-secondary degree from an accredited two or four-year college, university, technical, or trade school; and offers family and educational counseling, including in-home tutoring, to the surviving children of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel who lose their lives in the line of duty.

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation also provides immediate financial assistance to severely wounded and hospitalized special operations personnel.

For more information on Special Operations Warrior Foundation please visit:



A Chance to Breathe, Play, Relax and be a Kid – Summer Session, Kids Yoga at PYP
There is no better place to start a yoga practice than in childhood, and there is no better time to
start that practice with your child than this summer at PYP! The summer session for the
expanded kids yoga program at PYP begins on June 20th and will continue through the summer
until August 25th. PYP will now offer classes appropriate for children from ages 2-13
years along with a flexible 12-class pass card option as well as a drop-in class option. The 12-
class pass option* is available for $100, and the drop-in class rate is $12/class. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Children will
experience all of the benefits of a yoga practice in a fun, age appropriate manner. Some of
those benefits include strength, flexibility, mindfulness, focus, body-awareness, not to mention
self-esteem and self-control. Younger children will explore yoga and movement in a noncompetitive
way through an interdisciplinary approach using books, storytelling, music, games,
and art. Older children will find the space to de-stress while learning the skills necessary to
cope with the demands of daily life. In kids yoga there is no right or wrong. There is only
peace, love and fun! We look forward to sharing our passion for yoga with your child this
*Please note that the 12-class pass option is valid for 2 years from date of purchase and is nontransferrable
between children.
A little about the kids yoga teachers at PYP:
Marlena Vendemia – I worked in the corporate fitness setting before earning my M.S. in Exercise
Physiology from The Pennsylvania State University. After a career in sales, I became a stay-at home
mom to my two children who are now 3 and 5 years old. In 2015, I earned my 200-hour
registered yoga teacher certification. I was drawn to pursue this certification due to the benefits
of peace, calm and strength that I experienced through my own yoga practice. In addition to
teaching adult yoga classes at The PYP Studio, I currently hold a position at Penn State as a
fitness instructor working with pregnant women as part of the Healthy Moms Research Study. I
have also been sharing the benefits of yoga to children grades K-6 as part of an after school
program for the 2015-2016 school year. My goal is to bring classes filled with truth, authenticity,
love and fun to the community!! I have all of the clearances required by the Pennsylvania
Department of Education to teach to children, and have also completed the Penn State
mandatory reporting training course as part of my employment requirements for the university. I
am ready to share yoga and have fun with you and your children!!
Heather Yablonski – When I was asked if I wanted to teach kids yoga this summer, my heart was
so happy! Before I became a yoga teacher I worked at the YMCA in Torrance California as a
childcare teacher. I spent my mornings and afternoons with kindergarteners and enjoyed my
summers hosting summer camp adventures. In 2009, I moved to State College searching for
my place in the community, I started working at Starbucks and connected with some wonderful
people in this town. Kerry Bestwick was one of them. I started taking her yoga classes and fell in
love with how it made me feel! Yoga became my passion and I knew I had to share it with
everyone! Needless to say, I completed my 200hr YTT in 2013. PYP offered me a place on their
team and the rest is history. In 2015, I directed the Friends school preschool summer camp and
toward the end of the summer I found out I was pregnant. I’ve always enjoyed looking at life
through the eyes of a child and 15 months ago my husband and I were blessed with our little
girl. Being able to introduce yoga to her at such a young age is a true gift and now being able to
bring it to the PYP community, well it’s just the beginning.



“I was referred to Annie in March of 2015, I just didn’t feel like myself. I was constantly tired, my body hurt and I felt like I was barely getting through my days. She did a complete analysis and diagnosed me explaining that my body was like a house and I was basically operating out of one room only. It made complete sense to me! I was just getting through my days; not an ideal way to live. With numerous focused kinesiology sessions, I felt my energy increase, muscles that had fallen weak or to sleep begin to fire again! I see Annie monthly to keep me in check, as it allows me to function and workout to my fullest capacity instead of just getting through my days.” -Kerry Bestwick

“After seeking treatment after treatment and Physical Therapy options for my SI (Sacro Illiac) Joint dysfunction for several years I opted to try another form of therapy as nothing seemed to be working with my active lifestyle. Kerry suggested I visit Dr. Annie as she had found an alternative way to get rid of her aches and pains. After about 6 sessions with Dr. Annie I had finally found relief! Dr. Annie and her husband Matt have recently opened their own practice specializing in Applied Kinesiology and I can’t give them enough praise or kudos for their knowledge and expertise.” -Janet Egerer

Here is what Reyes Active Body Chiropractic can do for you!

*Improve your flexibility and balance
*Renew your stamina and endurance
*Heal injuries faster without lingering issues

If you’re looking for something to help you grow in your yoga or pilates practice, or something to improve your overall day-to-day wellness and function, please check out our article!

Drs. Matt and Annie Reyes of Reyes Active Body Chiropractic offer something different to their growing base of patients. As Chiropractors, they have a basis of knowledge that enables them to diagnose and treat patients naturally and without the use of medications, but this is not what sets them apart. The use of Applied Kinesiology, an advanced form of Chiropractic that focuses on the body as a whole instead of only the spine and its nerves, is what really allows them to take their patient care to the next level. Applied Kinesiology allows for Dr. Matt and Dr. Annie to pull from a larger toolbox in order to diagnose and treat, where other doctors may become stumped.
Dr. Matt and Dr. Annie also utilize Kinesio-taping, a special method of taping, to continue the healing process for their patients. The tape is an elastic, latex-free tape, but the magic is all in the application. The tape is effective for all age ranges, from children to elite athletes to the elderly.
If you are someone looking to take your wellness and lifestyle to the next level, whether that means being able to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed to being able to compete with people half your age, we would love to help you reach your goals.
We are happy to offer free 15-minute consultations to make sure we are the right fit for you and your goals.
Click Here for Reyes Active Body Chiropractors