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PYP Studio is looking forward to adding aerial yoga to the class menu next month. Lime green aerial silk hammocks will be rigged in the yoga/TRX room with rock climbing equipment and suspended for yoga practice in the air. A beginner class will be offered as well as restorative and vinyasa style aerial classes.

Aerial yoga is a style of asana practice that blends yoga poses with aerial acrobatics. Sun salutations, warrior, bound angle, extended side angle, chair, downward dog, cat/cow, boat, pigeon, tree and savasana are some of the many yoga poses one can practice with the support of sturdy silk hammocks.

In an aerial yoga practice the hammock’s silk is wrapped along the body’s pressure points from pose to pose to help detoxify and flush trapped energy in the meridian system. Lymphatic drainage is further encouraged with inversion poses in the hammock, such as shoulder stand, and flying downward dog. Bound angle can be practiced seated in the hammock, as a deeply relaxing restorative pose, or more energetically as an inversion with the silk safely wrapped around a student’s sacrum to hold the body upside down. These inversions create traction in the body to elongate the torso and spine.

Aerial yoga enhances floor practice by increasing flexibility and space in the ligaments, joints, and muscles. One of the obvious benefits to an aerial yoga practice is an immediate confidence and mood boost. Students develop trust in the hammock as they learn to let go, knowing that the aerial silk fabric supports the body, and it is simply fun to hang upside down. This practice will make you smile!