The 40 day program – A 6 week program of self discovery and growth! By: Kerry Bestwick

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What exactly is the 40 day program?
This is a question that many clients ask. The uncertainty of what is involved can prevent your decision to say yes to living your best life yet. The 40 day program is a challenge and a commitment, firstly to yourself. It is a decision to create time for your physical body, your daily nutrition choices and your overall spirit and joy for life! The program content invites you to reconnect and recommit to your health and wellbeing. During the 40 days you discover ways to re prioritize, to change unhealthy habits and make space for new possibilities in your life. As you grow everyone around you grows, the change begins with you!

A 40 day community is a sacred, safe space. A container of support for each other, as we realize we are all one part of this incredible whole!

The program includes

– Daily physical exercise classes and practice
– Daily meditation and self care
– Weekly journaling, self inquiry questions and excavation
– Healthy nutrition program choose level 1,2 or 3, choose your own dietary shifts
– 2 weekly check in and group meetings with life coaching facilitation
– Learn coaching tools for personal empowerment and life changing possibilities
– Optional Physical assessments, fitness testing, weigh in opportunities
– 3 free workshops included: deepen your physical practice, nutrition seminar
and special classes to strengthen the 40 day community
– Weekly education materials, additional tasks and assignments to deepen your
growth, all included in a 40 day PYP binder
– 40 day program wrap up party and celebration

Check out some of our program testimonials!

Finding time for “me” and doing things for “me” don’t come naturally – I’m a giver, but I learned that it’s ok to focus on myself a bit – I am the only one I can control. I made the choice to modify my schedule so I could commit to certain classes every week at PYP. I tried cycling for the first time during the 40 Day Program and truly enjoyed it (my biggest fear is that I’d fall off the bike. I remained firmly planted on the seat the entire class.) Now I am using it as an element in cross training for running. The program made me feel comfortable with who I was and got me excited to try new classes at the studio. -Sara

I really enjoyed the workbook content and the focuses for each week. I think if I could change anything I would have attended the Wednesday session instead of Sunday because I got so much out of your explanation. I almost wanted a few more days after Sunday to focus on what I learned in session and apply it to that week’s lesson. Sometimes I would read the intro and not have as great of an understanding as I did after we met as a group.
I also really enjoyed the mask project – although it was extremely tough I enjoyed having a project that I had to complete for class.
I loved the workshops- the nutrition was WONDERFUL and so was the Arm Balance. It was neat to do something together as just the 40 day group. The lessons were so helpful in my nutrition choices and also in yoga as I am just learning to do the poses.
The party was also very special to celebrate our accomplishment. It made you feel great to attend and know you did it!! -Amy

I decided to do the 40 day program not so much for the physical or nutritional aspect but more so the mental and emotional. Now as I reflect back on the last 6 weeks I realize that I got all of that and SO much more. I feel like I have a completely different out look on the world, my life and most importantly how I view myself. I found that I do matter, my issues may not be as big as the next person’s but the struggle to love myself as much as my friends and family do is worth working on and fighting for. I have been a compulsive yo-yo dieter for the past 10 years and now realize that the missing piece, the real reason I never stuck with anything, was the lack of love for myself. I have never felt stronger, healthier, more confident and can truthfully say with a smile on my face that I love ME. Thank you Kerry for being a mentor, teacher and friend. I am so grateful for you, PYP and the 40 Day Program and am already looking forward to next year. -Julieann

The 40 day challenge was a personal journey into our “self”, examining and unlocking our past, knowing and accepting our present with the challenge to live to our self defined fullest potential, with love and gratitude. Expertly lead by Kerry and Janet, the 40 Day Challenging was a soul searching, eye opening journey of self discovery and personal growth. Thank you Janet and Kerry 🙂 -Karen
I found the 40 Day Challenge to be so much more than I had anticipated. I went from thinking I would gain a greater understanding of the chakras to taking a long, hard, honest look at myself and what I could do to truly live more authentically.
Kerry challenged us with an invitation to dig deep within ourselves with an open mind and willingness to face the tough stuff, expose ourselves, and do what was necessary to change what was not contributing to a healthy, balanced life.
The Mask exercise was crucial for me to unveil to myself what I needed to see. From there Kerry’s continued supportive exploration and encouragement were exactly what I needed to eliminate some destructive habits. I was able to make a commitment to myself to use this time and opportunity to move forward. I find the community she has nurtured to provide continued inspiration and support.

With Deep Gratitude,