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The Pilates reformer makes a dramatic impression when you first see it, consider it creates an even more dramatic change in your body when you use it regularly! 
Whether you are brand new to the Pilates Reformer or have been practicing for years, a one-on-one session with a certified Pilates instructor will benefit you in countless ways!
In just one session, you will experience how to finely tune your physical body and alignment, allowing for a personal peak performance each time you workout on this wonderful machine! 
Personal attention  
During your private session the instructors attention is 100% focused on you, your body and the way that you move! 
Through this personalized session the instructor will be able to identify muscular imbalances, postural deviations and default movement patterns. for example rounded shoulders, externally rotated feet, locked joints, ungrounded feet leading to external rotation of knee and little inner thigh activation. You will learn how to Strengthen weak lower back muscles through the deeper recruitment of your core body. 
You will experience an upgraded TOTAL BODY workout creating Lean, Toned Sculpted muscles as you move around the spring centric machine. Movements are performed from your extremities to the core of your body, and from your core to your extremities.  You will leave the session feeling realigned significantly in posture, balance and co-ordination.  
You will Discover your body like never before and create what is NOW possible from this incredibly insightful information.  

Master the Fundamentals and Terminology

Our group classes at PYP are rooted in the classical Pilates method built upon the fundamentals created by Joseph Pilates, with fun, challenging variations added in for evolution and growth! 

During your private session you will gain an understanding and appreciation of the basic principles and the original Pilates reformer exercises. Once the basics have been taught, you can then confidently apply this knowledge, gaining more out of your time on the machine during group classes! 
You will learn the Terminology and language used in Pilates group classes such as c curve, sitz bones, zip your inner thighs, as well as the unique names of the movements for example: eves lunge, foot work, teaser. Learning this terminology will support you in flowing with more ease into any weekly group class!
Accountability, Motivation, Customization
Consider your private instructor is your personal accountability ability partner, there by your side encouraging you through any plateaus in your progress.
As you are coached with personal attention, your instructor can also customize the workout depending on your unique needs and goals. Looking for a way to ease back into a workout routine? Preparing for a marathon in a few months? Looking for super strong shoulders to showcase in your upcoming wedding? 
For seasoned practitioners maybe you are looking to add a JOLT? 
A private session is a perfect fit! 
Through motivational coaching you will be encouraged to dig deeper, work harder and generate a serious sweat!
Book your Private session TODAY – WHY?  You know the answer to that now!



By: Janet Egerer

March 2, 2018, marked day one of my families Spring Holiday. As many of us know it takes some time to detach from work and attach to “doing nothing.” Naturally, that very evening I took notice of a table of 20 people, 18 of whom were slouching severely. Logically, I thought, ‘Wow this would make an interesting blog for PYP.’ The only two people that appeared to have a strong erect spine were a statuesque woman wearing a “rock the spine” chiropractic care t-shirt, and a very fit man sitting next to her who I assume was her husband, #gorgeousposture!

In today’s world we live in what I like to quantify as ‘INation,’ hand-held electronics, laptops, desk tops, smart phones, gaming systems… Evolution and technology has allowed for cessation of movement and a deterioration of vital strength and replaced it with speed and efficiency. We are no longer moving as we were designed and our overall biomechanical function is more in tune with inaction than it is with action. There is now a continued rise in the trend of obesity, a deterioration of musculature and a rise in disease. Our culture is now fraught with what in the fitness industry is known as Kyphosis, or excessive curvature of the thoracic spine causing neck and back pain, you may know this better as, hunchback. With even more need to ‘get the job done’ sedentary life is our now norm, sitting at a desk, checking emails, designing websites, making sure our SEO’s are just right, keeping up with social media, you get the idea. These self-put-upon pressures have taken our upright and mobile society to a pain stricken and obese world.

So how is this relevant and why the hell am I reading this? Does any of the above ring true to you? Because PYP can help. Many of these postural deviations can be reversed with attention. The PYP team are huge proponents of, ‘we move this way now, so we can move this way later.’ We want to give you a digital detox, a turn around on your T-spine, a step back in to mobility and functional movement. We know that the intervertebral discs make up 25% of our spines length. The more we sit, as we age, the less we move, the more decrease we see in our spinal column length. Maintaining a fluid, hydrated and healthy spine requires movement, so maintaining a healthy exercise prescription is critical to our vitality. Look to explore some type of yoga practice if you find that you are constantly seated and huddled over your device. Yoga provides, the meditation and mindfulness we all so very need in our ever-demanding lives, along with the strengthening and stretching that is essential in our physical well-being. Perhaps consider taking Pilates Reformer, for lengthening and strengthening the limbs, stabilizing your core strength and reproducing a powerful and strong posture. TRX and the suspension trainer is another superb modality that gives the body all the right tools to strengthen, stabilize, mobilize and integrate balance with options for both high impact and low impact movement should you choose.

Take notice if your fingers are the most mobile part of your body from all of your typing, if so, then we encourage you to consider exploring alternative ways to move. Reverse the degeneration of your spine and increase your overall body and mind power with mindful, functional and biomechanically safe movement at PYP. Move more, sit less, breathe more and be free of stress.

A doable at home exercise tip…

Lay flat on your stomach, extend your arms over your head like superman, take a deep breath in as you exhale engage your core and lift your limbs off of the floor as you keep your gaze on the floor
Repeat 15 times two times through


News article about our 4th Annual Patriotic Pedalthon

A huge shout out to all of our amazing riders for this years Charity Cycling Ride benefiting Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

This extraordinary community raised almost $7,000 for SOWF taking our four year total to $32,000. We couldn’t be more grateful, more proud or more blessed to have you all a part of PYP.

Our big winners are as follows:
Highest Donation Collected from TEAM HULBURT! WHOOP WHOOP!
Most Men’s Power Pushed
 – Brock Antolik
Most Women’s Power Pushed
 – MaryAnn Neal
Most Power Pushed as a Team
 – Penn State Men’s Basketball Coaches
Raffle Necklace Winner 
- Susan Lincoski

This event would not be complete without all of our generous sponsors so to you, good vibes, good health and thanks!

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Herlocher’s Dipping Mustard

Highway Pizza Pub

Kranich’s Jewelers

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