Functional Training in Conjunction with Mountain Biking By: Vicki Barclay

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I believe in this article so I would like to share it with you.

Mountain bike racing requires a huge amount of endurance, strength, stability and coordination. Previously in training, I used to focus 100% on endurance, sacrificing the other elements of training for more hours on the bike. Although I got aerobically fitter and faster, I had a constant “clicking hip syndrome”, which included pain in my right hip. Last winter, I started regularly attending functional strength training classes (Power of 3) with Kerry at PYP. I noticed a decrease in pain and clicking in my hip, my massage therapist commented that the area felt “cleaner and less fibrous”, and I noticed increased my power on the bike. The exercises in the class really highlighted where and when my core and glute muscles wanted to disengage, and let my hips take the strain. I still have to really focus on engaging my core, but every week I notice improvements in my strength and stability . What amazes me is that all the exercises recommended by highly regarded cycling coaches are covered in Kerry’s class. By putting in solid hours in the winter at PYP to improve my strength, stability and coordination, and following a maintenance program in the summer, I have noticed improvements in my bike racing performance.