Spin on this…

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We are bringing you a cycle experience like no other, in a theater like no other, with instructors like no other! Designed by 12-time X Games winner Jamie Bestwick, the PYP Cycle studio is more than just bikes in a room with a “teacher.” It is a visual tapestry of awe-inspiring aesthetics, an exceptionally motivating instructor playing heart pumping, soul fueling music and 18 other strong friends taking in the experience with you. The cycle room dons a giant floor to ceiling mural of a local road in town, (picture courtesy of Jamie Bestwick), a mantra wall encompassing our most “kick ass” statements and a coach guiding you through a 50 minute cardio party! What are you waiting for?
After much research Jamie found the Keiser M3 plus cycle, a state of the art bike, now offering a 4th hand position, (time trial), transforming the way we ride. The bikes have a powerful magnetic flywheel allowing for the smoothest 360 degree revolution. The cadence monitor gives us the most accurate information on a ride tailored for you. The detailed bike monitor provides RPM’s (revolutions per minute), Watt’s (your power output), Kilocalories, (the amount your body expels), time (elapsed time while on the cycle), and a tangible gear number providing you the optimal cycling experience. You also have the option to wear a Polar heart rate monitor to gauge your effort expenditure, (these are not provided at the studio). Simply put these are the most advanced bikes in Happy Valley.
We have novice cyclists all the way up to professional athletes coming in for our cycle experience. Member Tien K. states, “Being a Newbie to Cycling I was nervous for my first class but I am so glad I did it. I love the music and the energy it creates to carry you through. I have noticed that my strength, endurance and flexibility have all increased. The class is hard work and you will sweat but it is also a ton of fun.”
Another member Pat B. states, “The cycling classes are awesome at PYP. Along with having top-of-the-line bikes, the exceptional instructors push you to your limits so that you get the most out of each class.”
We highly encourage you to come and experience the ride of your life! We recommend harder soled sneakers or optimally a cycle shoe with SPD clips, along with a positive attitude and a commitment to getting stronger within. You are stronger than you know, so spin on this!